Life After Grad School: What Matters and What Doesn’t

Pure research is a wonderful thing; the ivory-tower isolation, the focus, and the unhurried pace may be the only way that some problems can be attacked. In taking a job, you’ll trade that life for a steady paycheck and a universe of opportunities to work with other people on fantastic projects. Putting it in Perspective […]

Fixing The Disconnect Between Academia And Industry: 6 Practical Solutions

Background Today, employers are no longer looking for a great brain and a world of potential. They’re looking for that one CV that lists the skills they need right now — not after 6 months of training. ~Dave Jensen There’s a disconnect between academic research and industry research. The two don’t fit together well. Lack […]

Grad Student Advice Series: How To Network and Add Value To Yourself and Others

Part 1: The Dire Need to Network While In Grad School or Academia It’s Not What You Know It’s Who You Know That Matters Why is networking so important? Well, the short answer is that it all depends on what your objectives are. For example, some people network to expand one’s resources, learn about potential […]

Graduate Student Advice Series: 7 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Stand Out From The Crowd Competition for jobs after graduate school is brutal. Whether you are staying in academia or moving to the business world, you are going to need every advantage. Doing great work in your field is advantage number one, but it’s not enough. Not only do you have to acquire great skills […]

Graduate Student Series: Why Not Seek Out And Hire An Executive Coach?

My Story I’m a coach and I’m not sure I would have hired a coach when I left graduate school. First, there weren’t any coaches back then. I was fortunate; however, to have a great manager who spent a tremendous amount of time training and mentoring me in sales so I could make the transition […]

Top 3 Worst Practices in a New Position

Worst practices that will limit your chance for advancement. Guest Blogger Coach Cay Villars Written October 1, 2012, Published On October 5, 2012 A few years ago I taught a program, Best Practices for High Impact in a New Position, to participants in the UW Masters in Biotechnology Program.    To kick the program off, participants […]

One Step At A Time: Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

Industry-Academia Interactions: Bridging the Gap By Ryan Raver **This is a very complex and deep topic, hence the reason for the long, informative blog post** With Stagnant NIH funding for the past decade or so, and dim job prospects, PhDs in the life sciences are now seeking alternatives. ‘Non-traditional’ careers are seemingly becoming traditional. There […]

The Present Day “Post-Doc Crisis”

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The Importance of Informational Interviews and Networking for Science Professionals

I have my 50th Informational Interview Tomorrow. I started in Jan of 2012 and have expanded to over 25 companies, nationwide. I have met (in person) with Field Application Scientists, Product Managers, R&D Scientists, Business Unit/Development Managers, Project Managers, Tech Support Scientists, Sales Reps, Regional/District Sales Managers, Global Service Leaders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, etc. The rest […]