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Generating A Second And Passive Income For The Poor Graduate, Professional, Or College Student

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This book helps you to come up with an informational product that solves a graduate student’s problem, then teach you how to effectively market it online.

Note: This book was originally written to help others learn what I had to teach myself (over the course of a few years). So I ask that when reading this article or book that you are respectful. The book is free to the public and I am not asking for anything in return.  I ask that you read everything in full before leaving any reviews or providing feedback. Thank you.

Pick the product or idea that you want to help others to overcome in a targeted market segment. It will be UNIQUE to your audience and your own situation. Graduate or professional students are constantly faced with problems that they must overcome.

Here are some topic ideas for your e-book:

You need to tell people your story. As long as it helps them solve their problem. And yes if it is useful information then people will pay you for it. Share your hardships, experiences, advice, or what information you would pass onto a graduate student who has little to no experience or knowledge. Your audience will be receptive. And you can sell your product and help others learn from your experience. Maybe it’s something you struggled with and now you look back at all you have learned and you can’t wait to share that information.

Either way, your goal should be to identify a problem that others have (i.e. grad students) and create a product that offers a solution to their problem. What is your market message? A good starting point is also to just talk to other grad students/postdocs and find their pain points, outside of your own lab and/or University. See how that matches up to your own experiences/expertise. Lastly, ask your audience (validate your topic) if this is something they would pay for-if the product (i.e. ebook) were to be published.

Not only are you creating a product to help yourself earn a second income and tell your story, you are helping others along the way. You help others with their struggles or hardships and in return you earn a second income in graduate school. It’s a win-win.

Writing a Science Blog For Idea Collection And E-book Promotion

The first thing you can do to build your credibility with your audience is to start a science blog. It is a great way to vent some steam, show off your personality, and help others learn about your situation.

A science blog also has a great potential for earning a second income in graduate school. Your blog itself can even become a product. Yes, you can compile and sell your entire blog as an E-book. Then all you have to do is utilize online marketing principles as outlined in my E-book. Either way, you cannot go wrong with a blog.

Online presence is becoming even more widespread and significant. Did you know that 94% of companies are using social media during the recruiting process? A blog is a great start to get the ball rolling and really get noticed. It also allows for creative writing and original content, and gives you the freedom to promote your product and help others overcome a problem.

The other advantage to a blog is once you build an audience and your credibility (maybe it starts with grad students/postdocs at your University first), they are more likely to buy. What this means is if they bought your first product and they found it useful and informative, they are more likely to buy a second product as well.

The hard part is the starting point. But if your idea or blog is good enough, you will hit the ground running. You may even find by “accident” what your next idea or problem is later on down the road based on your feedback from your audience. If they like the idea of say for example, “How I Effectively Wrote My Thesis in 3 weeks,” then write about it!

I’ve also seen a lot of PhD’s who are out of work. Can you help them somehow? Maybe they are misinformed about having to do a post-doc and not knowing their career options outside of academia. Or you might know the best way to help someone land an internship. Or network. Or effectively write a scientific journal/manuscript. Or maintain a healthy lifestyle/balance or deal with depression/anxiety. Or be successful in graduate school (maybe geared towards students at the beginning of a program or at the end when it becomes tough to finish). Again, see above for a list of sample topic ideas and links.

If there weren’t any hardships, then the PhD drop-out rate wouldn’t be nearly 50%! So how did the other 50% make it through? How did they effectively overcome the problem? I ultimately leave that answer and idea up to you.

The possibilities are endless, and a science blog gives you the ability to sample all flavors, write about all the topics, and get a feel for what people would like to read about or potentially buy from you.

Do you want more ideas to blog about? Check these great science blogs and think how you can do something similar. Also check ThePostDocWay, which is a great in-depth blog with a variety of topics and ideas.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media has also opened a whole new world that will support your Blog, Website, and Informational Product. Can you use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook to get your story across? You bet!

Let’s begin with Facebook.

It has Fan Pages that you can create. This gives you the option to connect your blog with your Facebook Fan Page and your website/sales page. You can share in Facebook (or in Twitter, or LinkedIn) the live RSS Feed from your blog. Like this, you can keep these different media channels automatically updated. Your blog posts will be visible to audiences across the board.

What we are aiming is that over time your friends (or grad student/postdoc you established a relationship with) will tell their friends and it spreads like wildfire. Word of mouth. The key is also to establish these relationships before the launch of your product and maintain them throughout until launch. Meeting potential customers (say at a local or national conference or via social media) also opens the door for you to do in-person or phone interviews to gather/build more information about their problem. This will ultimately help you develop and shape a product centered around their needs to solve their problem.

Again, in order for this to occur-you must have informative, useful and interesting information. This will all come from your blog, and is probably the best starting point. Either way, you add information and learn as you go.

Once you have a product to sell, you throw this in the mix: tell others via your blog and social media sites, known as the Social Media Trinity (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Word will spread fast through social media sharing, as it becomes a snowball effect. Traffic will flood into your site and your rankings will improve.

The market is endless because if you come out with a second product all you have to do is repeat the process. The advantage is that the second time around it will be easier to sell because you already have an established audience, reputation, and credibility that you built over time.

It’s Up To You To Make It Happen

This is a sketch of the basic steps you can follow to earn an online second income in graduate school. It is my goal to get you started and arm you with the market know-how and execution (strategic and tactical marketing). Learn from someone who has been through the hardships and the slow learning process.

My goal is also to not overwhelm you, but simply make you aware of your options. If you use Social Media or a Blog and play it to your strengths, you can watch your informational product sales grow. You’ll never know unless you try. We are all full of information and problems that we have overcome or are currently faced with, and just need to know how to effectively portray and sell it to others. You can have a great product in the eyes of your customer, but if you don’t know how to effectively market it and get word out-it will all be in vain.

Ultimately the idea is up to you. The only thing right now holding you back is yourself and the time that you are willing to put in. It does take hard work and patience, just like graduate school. So don’t expect it to come easy. But with hard work and patience also comes results. I can promise you that.

If you want to go the extra mile-you can get all the info you need in the E-book Generating a Second Income For The Poor Graduate Student.

Second Income in Graduate School

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