Top 10 Things to Never Say to Your Thesis Advisor

10.  What do you mean, come into work?  It’s only noon. 9.  Actually, I think it’d be more appropriate for you to be my teaching assistant. 8.  Academia isn’t really the right path for me, because academia isn’t really the right path for anybody. 7.  “Results” is such a relative term.  Just like “progress” or […]

Graduate Student Advice Series: 7 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Stand Out From The Crowd Competition for jobs after graduate school is brutal. Whether you are staying in academia or moving to the business world, you are going to need every advantage. Doing great work in your field is advantage number one, but it’s not enough. Not only do you have to acquire great skills […]

Graduate Student Series: Why Not Seek Out And Hire An Executive Coach?

My Story I’m a coach and I’m not sure I would have hired a coach when I left graduate school. First, there weren’t any coaches back then. I was fortunate; however, to have a great manager who spent a tremendous amount of time training and mentoring me in sales so I could make the transition […]

Top 3 Worst Practices in a New Position

Worst practices that will limit your chance for advancement. Guest Blogger Coach Cay Villars Written October 1, 2012, Published On October 5, 2012 A few years ago I taught a program, Best Practices for High Impact in a New Position, to participants in the UW Masters in Biotechnology Program.    To kick the program off, participants […]

All PhD’s are NOT created Equal

Guest Post: The Sham Ph.D The experiences I share in this post will be an eye-opener for many readers. Anyone who has been a university professor for more than a few years, on the other hand, probably won’t be too surprised. In fact, I’ll bet some experienced academics will remember having witnessed similar shenanigans from […]